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Cincinnati LGBT Group Holds Fundraiser for Fathers and Families

L-R: out LOUD.s Logan Probst, F & Fs Rick Bell, Susan Takach and Paul Fisher, and out LOUD.s Ghiovanna Lora.
L-R: project outLOUD.’s Logan Probst, F & F’s Rick Bell, Susan Takach and Paul Fisher, and outLOUD.’s Ghiovanna Lora.

The Cincinnati-based LGBT nonprofit project OUTloud. held a fundraiser for Fathers and Families on August 27 as a way to thank us for our work publicizing the injustice suffered by lesbian social mother Michele Hobbs in her battle to remain a meaningful part of her daughter Lucy’s life.

Michele Hobbs and her daughter Lucy, from whom she is wrongly separated.
Michele Hobbs and her daughter Lucy, from whom she is wrongly separated.

The event, called “living OUTloud.,” featured entertainment provided by DJ Harvination and The Black Mondays.

We thank project OUTloud. event organizers Logan Probst and Ghiovanna Lora and the many other activists who helped make this event possible.

F & Fs Rick Bell addresses the crowd.
F & F's Rick Bell addresses the crowd.

For the past 18 months Fathers and Families has helped publicize Hobbs’ plight. In “Kids with two parents need both, even in breakup” (Columbus Dispatch, 7/18/11), F & F Board Chairman Ned Holstein, MD, MS wrote:

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled against Michele Hobbs, a lesbian “social mom,’ in her desire to co-parent the child she helped raise from birth. She and biological mom Kelly Mullen agreed to raise a child together, sought out a sperm donor and shared the parenting from the birth of their now-five-year-old daughter, Lucy. The project-outloudcourt”s ruling means that Lucy might never see the woman she calls “momma.’ It is a mistake.

Most of the public sees this as a gay-rights case. The court sees it as a technical issue of defining who is a parent under the law. In reality, it is a best-interest-of-the-child case similar to everyday heterosexual child-custody disputes…

Every day, some divorcing heterosexual parents try to use the courts to drive the other parent, usually the dad, out of the child”s life, ignoring the profound heartache they are causing their child. Too often, as in this case, they succeed. They troubleth their own house, and they inherit the wind: the research clearly shows that their children suffer…

out LOUD.s Ghiovanna Lora conducting the raffle.
project outLOUD.'s Ghiovanna Lora conducting the raffle.

In one heart-wrenching recording, confused little Lucy struggles to explain to Hobbs that her ex-partner Mullen no longer wants her to call Hobbs “momma.’ Lucy is heard to say, “Mommy says don”t call momma ‘momma”… mommy says ‘momma”s not momma, momma”s Michele” but I say ‘no mommy, she”s momma.”‘ How can this be ignored?

project OUTloud. is a non-profit that “promotes diversity and an open mind towards different lifestyles, cultures, and beliefs.” We thank them for their efforts and generosity. In their materials promoting the event they explained:

project OUTloud. is hosting living OUTloud. at The Avenue Lounge with the proceeds going towards Fathers and Families in honor of Michele Hobbs & Fathers and Families is an organization fighting for equal custodial rights for both parents regarding the best interest of children. Fathers and Families helped gained national recognition for Michele Hobbs in her custody battle for her daughter, Lucy.

To learn more about project OUTloud., please click here.

The Black Mondays perform at the benefit concert.
The Black Mondays perform at the benefit concert.

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