Child Abuse Prevention Organization’s PSAs Distort Reality

Los Angeles, CA–In response to my recent blog post A New Low for Fathers, Fatherhood, Don, a reader, writes:

This modern paranoia about all is being fanned by “child abuse intervention” organizations such as “Child Help” via Public Service Announcements. I hear these announcements almost every day on my car radio during my commute to the office.

Child Help had three 2008 Ad Council Campaign Audio PSAs. Of the three, two show fathers as abusers, and only one shows a woman as an abuser.

This is an inversion of reality–about 2/3rds of all child abuse and parental murders of children are committed by mothers, not fathers.

Given the modern political climate, I’m a little surprised that they even had one which featured an abusive mother.

To listen to the ads, use the audio tabs below.

#1: “Presentation”


#2: “Answering Machine”


#3: “Waitress”


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