CBS’s ‘The Talk’ Calls Wife’s Sexual Mutilation of Husband ‘Quite Fabulous’

CBS’s “The Talk” found Catherine Kieu Becker’s slicing off of her husband’s penis to be high comedy. 

As you’ll no doubt recall, Becker allegedly drugged her husband’s food and, when he lay down feeling sick, tied him to the bed and cut off his penis with a kitchen knife.  She then ground it up in the garbage disposal before calling 911.  When the police arrived, she told them “he deserved it.”

What had he done?  Apparently he’d filed for divorce.  That makes him one of a minority of men who do, since 70% of divorces in the United States are filed by women. 

The hosts of “The Talk” found Becker’s mutilation of her husband to be great fun.  One of the panelists, Sharon Osbourne, called the savage attack “quite fabulous” and “hysterical.”  Host Julie Chen laughed heartily when a woman in the audience called out “that’ll teach him” to the news that Becker had done it because he’d filed for divorce.

(Chen, by the way is the wife of Leslie Moonves, who’s President and CEO of CBS.  She pursued an affair with Moonves while the executive was still married.  Presumably she’s glad Moonves’ ex didn’t do what Becker did when the two split up.)

All of the six female panelists got great pleasure from the man’s sexual mutilation.  One referred to their delight (and the audience’s) as “the buzz,” and said she didn’t want to “kill” it.  Osbourne added that, if it had been her, she’d have just tossed the penis into the dog’s bowl instead of the garbage disposal.  (I guess she’s evolving.  Not long ago she said that if she’d been Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife, she’d have cut off his penis and put in the garbage disposal.) 

Yet another opined that the decision whether to cut off a man’s penis “does depend on the reason why” she did so.  In other words, some reasons for sexual mutilation of a man are appropriate while others aren’t.

After several minutes of glee, one panelist actually realized that “it’s not funny,” but that remark went unheeded by the others.  Still another found it “a little bit sexist” to be laughing at the incident and wondered if they would find similar humor in a man’s severing a woman’s breast.  Her remark was not treated seriously.

Here’s a link to a a website with a video of the episode of “The Talk.”

To say the least, the entire performance by all six of the women was disgraceful.  As by far the worst of the lot, Sharon Osbourne should be fired immediately by CBS and never get another job there.

It goes without saying that, if a husband had drugged his wife, tied her to their bed and sexually mutilated her with a kitchen knife, the ladies on “The Talk” wouldn’t have been laughing.  They’d have been calling for his head.  From coast to coast we’d have been treated to an orgy of recrimination and false “facts” about the corrupt nature of men and how prevalent our violence against women is.

“The Talk” took hypocrisy to a all new low.  The blatant misandry of all six of the female hosts was shameful.  All should publicly apologize and Osbourne should be fired. 

It is far past time to dispense with the public hatred of half the population of the world.  It is far past time to stop the promotion of women’s domestic violence against men that we see time and again in popular culture, from casual slaps to murder.

If domestic violence is wrong, as we’ve said for decades, it’s wrong.  That means it’s can’t be right for women but wrong for men.  About 400 men in the United States died at the hands of their female partners last year, and in fact that’s an understatement because women tend to hire the job done more often than do men.  Those murders-for-hire are not counted as spousal murder by the police agencies charged with reporting them.

Are those men’s deaths cause for the type of celebration the women on “The Talk” had for Catherine Becker?

The double standard regarding DV that appears everywhere in American law and the practices of police and courts must end.  But it won’t until those in the public spotlight take seriously women’s violence against men.  That includes the six women on “The Talk” for whom the sexual mutilation of a man is the source of such unrestrained joy.

And they’ll never change if their utterly unacceptable behavior goes unpunished.

To call for Sharon Osbourne’s firing and an apology from the rest, go to the link I’ve provided.  That site has links to CBS’s complaint department, investor relations, the Federal Communications Commission, etc.

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