Bliss Cartoon Comments on Dads and Visitation

Here’s a piece courtesy of cartoonist Harry Bliss.  The expressions on the kids’ faces are sufficiently enigmatic to make the comic interesting.  To me it looks like just a straight-up statement that Dad gets to see them every other weekend, so the kids should try to be nice to each other and not ruin it.  That is, it’s a comment on family court that permits him so little time with his son and daughter. On the other hand, what are the children at odds about?
  Are they ticked off to even be with Dad?  Is the mere fact of being in his care and custody already ruining their weekend? In yet another way, the piece can be read as the children taking care of the dad, rather than the other way around.  He’s asking them to take care of his feelings and needs, not the other way around. Each child eyes the other rather dubiously.  Are they bickering with each other?  Or do they harbor unspoken judgments of Dad?   I’d be interested in readers’ thoughts on this. Thanks to Kelly for the heads-up.

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