Black Fathers in the Media (Part II)

Los Angeles, CA–Background: I discussed the often unfair portrayal of black fathers in the media in my recent co-authored column Leonard Pitts” Column Unfair to Black Fathers (The Southern, 3/6/08) and my blog post Black Fathers in the Media (Part I). On a positive note, a couple years ago the National Fatherhood Initiative came out with some ads which portrayed fathers–particularly African-American fathers–very positively.
One of the NFI ads that I like is “More Than Words,” in which a young African-American woman who says her father was “larger than life” details her admiration for him. She raps: “And as my time to rear others grows near, I”m reminded that women marry men just like their fathers, and I hope that”s true. Anything less, might as well not even bother.’ To listen to “More Than Words,” click here. Another good one is “Errand” (pictured above) in which an African-American father helps his teenage daughter with an uncomfortable shopping purchase. To watch, click here or see below. [youtube:]

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