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August 28, 2017. The Monitor (Associated Press), “Shared Parenting Helps Working Moms,” By Kristen Paasch, National Parents Organization of Virginia

Our nation’s antiquated family courts are standing in the way of women’s advancement in the workplace. Treating mothers as homemakers (and fathers only as breadwinners who pay child support) keeps women in a position of dependency and is out of touch with modern society.

Shared parenting is the solution; it’s a flexible arrangement where children spend as close to equal time as possible with each parent after separation or divorce. The arrangement allows mothers significantly more time and opportunity to pursue careers than the status quo “sole-custody-to-the-mother” arrangement, plus, it’s important to note that it treats mothers and fathers equally.

What’s more, shared parenting is not only better for women who want career advancement, but it also has been convincingly shown to be better for children, too. Research overwhelmingly shows children need and want both parents in their lives. The American Psychological Association published research in the journal “Psychology, Public Policy and Law” that showed strong support for equal parenting time of young children.

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