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August 28, 2017. One News Page, “New Law Makes it Easier for Kentucky Parents to Split Custody,” Interviews Matt Hale, National Parents Organization of Kentucky

When his son, Lucas, was born in 2014, William Chen created a Facebook page to capture the most special moments of his child’s life — everything from ultrasounds to smiling baby pictures to tiny Lucas posing in front of a monster truck. “He’s a bundle of joy,” Chen said. “He’s literally my mini-me.” When Chen and Lucas’s mother got divorced, she was awarded custody of their son and Chen’s posts on the page became less frequent. It wasn’t until April 12 that Kentucky parents like Chen received a new way to fight for equal time with their children. House Bill 492, signed into law by Gov. Matt Bevin, created a presumption of joint — rather than singular — custody when couples with children divorce.

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