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August 28, 2017. ABC/WCPO TV, Cincinnati, Ohio, “New Law Makes it Easier for Kentucky Families to Split Custody,” Interviews Matt Hale, National Parents Organization of Kentucky

According to Matt Hale, chairman of the Kentucky chapter of the National Parents Organization, the new law isn’t just beneficial for parents like Chen — it helps children, too.

“Research says children are less likely to do drugs or have premarital sex, and they’re better (prepared) to have good outcomes,” he said.

Hale added he hopes Ohio will pass a similar law to help families affected by divorce.

“There was a lot of heartache and a lot of families that suffered before the new law,” he said. “Before that, parents had to fight each other to win or possibly lose their children. That led to a lot of legal bills and a lot of children not getting to see their parents.”

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