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August 28, 2016. Southeast Missourian, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, “New Custody Law For Equal Time For Dads Begins Today; Some Question Law’s Relevance,” Quotes Ned Holstein (National Parents Organization) And Linda Reutzel (National Parents Organization Of

Missouri’s new child-custody law, which takes effect today, seeks to allow children in divorce cases to have more equal time with mom and dad.

Supporters see the law as helping good fathers get more time with their children, but others question whether it will make a difference.

National Parents Organization spokesman Burton Taylor said the old law “protected inequality” in custody situations, while the new law “encourages shared custody.”

Taylor acknowledged some people going through divorce have a mistaken view of what the law will do.

“It is not a mandate,” he said. “But the sentiment of the law is to give children as close to equal time with both parents as possible.”

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