Associated Press, Huffington Post, Westword Cover Peter Spitz Victory

Peter Spitz and ex-wife Teresa Dickey, soon after they met in 1998.
“Spitz now has full custody of his son, thanks in great part to the aid and efforts of Fathers And Families an advocacy group that fights for the rights children to have both a mother and a father in their lives after a divorce…”–Huffington Post In one of the most outrageous injustices of our time, Peter Spitz (pictured right) was separated from his son and almost lost custody of him after his ex-wife shot him in the face and murdered his mother. Fathers and Families advised Peter, helped him get legal counsel, and also publicized his case, and we are pleased to announce that Peter has now won full custody of his seven-year-old son.
Special credit and thanks goes to talented Colorado family law attorney Brett Martin (pictured below), who took on Spitz’s case and won a decisive victory–the court decision is here. Spitz’s legal victory is getting a lot of media attention, including the following articles:

Ex-Marine gains custody of son 7 years after ex-wife shot him (Associated Press, published in the Denver Post and various newspapers, 8/4/11)

Peter Spitz, Former Colo. Marine Shot And Blinded By Ex-Wife, Regains Custody Of His Son After Years Of Struggle (Huffington Post, 8/4/11)

Peter Spitz, blinded by wife who had more access to their son than he did, regains custody (Westword [Denver], 8/3/11)

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