An Important Message from the Divorce Corp. Team

Last November, Joe Sorge’s organization, Divorce Corp., sponsored an important conference in Washington, D.C. on the need for reform of family courts and family laws. The National Parents Organization was pleased and privileged to be a major player there. One of the many constructive plans to come out of the conference was the creation of a structure to allow everyday people to tell their stories about their treatment by family courts. Now that effort is underway. If you have a story about your experience with family courts, the following message from Divorce Corp. lets you know how to make it public. Most of these will be “horror stories,” but not all. It’s equally useful to let people, courts and lawmakers know what works as well as what doesn’t. Here’s Divorce Corp.’s message:

Divorce Corp. Followers:
We are writing to you with an update from Susan Settenbrino regarding her inquiry to all of you about the success and outcomes of any judicial misconduct complaints you may have filed.

Please see her message to all of you about her new website and plans for the project:

Ms. Settenbrino received overwhelming responses to her inquiry announced here, on DivorceCorp. She wants to thank you for all of your responses and to let you know that she will be addressing them accordingly. Ms.Settenbrino and Greg Roberts have created, to address unchecked power in the government and court system as a whole. 

Please contact Susan Settenbrino at if you have any questions. She and other team members from will be addressing the emails and compiling information (or requesting more information) in order to assess whether there appears to be a pattern of abuses of power within the ethics committees for judges and attorneys. Please be patient and let’s work together as a team to truly address the problems within our court system in a constructive manner.

Many thanks,
The Divorce Corp Team

Again, please follow up on this. It promises to be not only a great outlet for parents’ frustrations, but an excellent resource for advocates for family court reform.

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