An Appalling Case of Child Neglect

Dallas, TX–I write some about male perfidy on this blog but I don’t spend too much time on it–society hammers it home every day, while at the same time sweeping female perfidy under the rug. From time to time, though, a story really gets to me. This i
s one of them. From Police: Man left 3-year-old girl alone in frigid northwest Dallas apartment to go drink beer (Dallas Morning News, 12/8/08):

Jose Socorro Garcia-Ramirez, 27, was arrested on a child abandonment charge early Sunday in northwest Dallas. A security guard for the apartment complex where Mr. Garcia-Ramirez lives called police about 2 a.m. when he saw a front door open and a 3-year-old girl inside, alone, crying, and shivering. The temperature was about 35 degrees outside. No heat was on inside the apartment, police say. “The location where the [girl] was left alone has one of the highest crime rates for violent offenses in the city,” a police report says. “Random gunfire was reported in the area where the [girl] had access to the opened door.”

I guess Mr. Garcia-Ramirez doesn’t understand this, so I’ll try to make it a little clearer to him–you are this girl’s father. That means that you are her protector. That means that she is your little girl–she is daddy’s girl. You do anything to protect her and care for her. If you need to give your life to protect her, you do it. To leave that little lamb home alone in the middle of the night–crying and shivering no less–is appalling. He’s probably the worst father I’ve heard of since Larry Patterson Jr., who you can read about here. The rest of the article reads:

Officers took the girl to Child Protective Services. About 5 a.m., they returned to the apartment and were flagged down by the girl’s mother and by Mr. Garcia-Ramirez, who smelled strongly of alcohol, police say. The girl’s mother told officers she left the girl in the care of Mr. Garcia-Ramirez about 8 p.m. when she went to work. Mr. Garcia-Ramirez told officers he left the apartment in the 3100 block of Norwalk Avenue and went to a bar about 1 a.m. He stayed there drinking until about 4:30 a.m., he said, when he went to pick the girl’s mother up from work. Mr. Garcia-Ramirez was being held in the Dallas County jail Monday on $25,000 bail.

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