Alleged Child Support Debtor Sues over Denial of Timely Hearing

Sheraden, PA–I have no idea whether this guy was arrested legitimately or not, but I hope he’s successful with his lawsuit. From Sheraden man sues jail, county in hearing delay (Pittsburg Tribune-Review, 10/8/08):

A Sheraden man sued Allegheny County and the jail Tuesday in federal court, alleging he spent four months in jail and was denied a timely hearing. Nowell Howie was arrested June 12, 2006, on an outstanding warrant for failure to pay child support and was not released until Oct. 6, 2006.
Howie’s lawsuit states that the county failed to allow him a hearing within 72 hours as required by law. Howie is suing for more than $75,000 for false imprisonment and violation of his constitutional rights.

This is typical of the civil rights violations and lack of due process vis a vis child support obligors.

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