Action Alert-Letters Needed in Support of Shared Parenting Bill!

I’ve found Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families to be one of the most effective fatherhood/shared parenting groups in the country, and I’ve previously written columns in support of their legislation. Steve Blake, president of WFCF, is calling for letters in support of a shared parenting bill which they are currently trying to get out of committee.
In their previous legislative session, a similar bill passed the Wisconsin Assembly before stalling in the Senate. Blake says that while letters from Wisconsin are best, he also wants letters from all over the United States. Steve’s Call to Action is below. Blake can be reached at or 608-584-6508. VERY IMPORTANT-WE NEED YOU TO ACT NOW!! Wisconsin’s Equal Placement (aka Shared Parenting) bill AB-571 will be heard January 24 in the Children and Families committee of the Wisconsin Assembly. We are asking members to send an E-mail, call or fax to the committee members asking them to support the bill. Feel free to include your story if you want. The committee members’ contact information is below–don’t forget to include your name and address. To write to all the committee members at once, click here. Carol Owens-Chair, (608) 267-7990 or (888) 534-0053 Sheryl Albers, (608) 266-8531 or (877) 947-0050 Suzanne Jeskewitz, (608) 266-3796 or (888) 529-0024 Joel Kleefisch, (608) 266-8551 Tamara Grigsby, (608) 266-0645 or (888) 534-0018 Donna Seidel, (608) 266-0654 or (888) 534-0085 Terese Berceau, (608) 266-3784

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