A Message from Jan Brown of the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women

We’ve often mentioned the good work that Jan Brown of the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women has done for victims of domestic violence. The DAHMW has entered the Pepsi Refresh Project, seeking to get a $250,000 award to bring public awareness to male victims of domestic violence.  She’d like Fathers & Families members to vote for their project idea by clicking here.
Brown’s full letter is below. Brown writes:

Studies show that men who are in relationships with abusive partners do not see themselves as victims of domestic violence (see: Domestic violence has been so narrowly defined in our society that most people, including abused men, believe that it begins and ends with men beating their intimate female partners. Many men who suffer physical, emotional, psychological, financial, and/or sexual abuse at the hands of their intimate partners do not realize that this too is domestic violence . They will usually write it off as their partner having a bad day or feel that they must have done something to deserve the abuse. Further, agencies that offer a myriad of supportive services and shelter to victims of domestic violence do little to encourage abused men to come forward and seek help. Few offer outreach to male victims. The Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women is hoping to change that with the first national public awareness campaign on male victims of domestic violence. We have entered the Pepsi Refresh Project. We are seeking a $250,000 award from Pepsi for our project idea to bring public awareness to male victims of domestic violence. This funding will enable us to send outreach materials (brochures, posters, booklets and placards) about male victims to 7,500 agencies that work with victims of domestic violence across the country. In order to obtain this $250,000 award we need your help. The public determines, through voting on their favorite project ideas at the Pepsi site, who wins. Please click on this link to vote for our project idea: FYI, our idea, “Give Under Served Victims of Domestic Violence a Lifeline,’ is located under the 250K category. Voting goes from Aug.1st to Aug. 31st.  Remember to vote DAILY so that we can pursue this project and ask your friends and family members to do the same. Thank you for helping us to bring awareness and services to victims and their families. Men need awareness and services too. Go to our Pepsi Refresh Project and please sign up and vote daily August 1-31 to help us win! Sponsored by:

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