A Hostile Public Reaction to a Pro-Father Ad? (Video)

Los, Angeles, CA–Todd Wasserman, the editor of Brandweek Magazine, one of the largest in the advertising trade publications, has covered some of our protest campaigns against anti-male advertising sympathetically. He discussed the problem of ‘Dad as Idiot’ advertising in his column The Surviving Dads Of Ads (11/12/07), and after the article came out Wasserman told the Washington Times “I don’t think we ever got so much reaction…the more people I talked to, the more it seemed a lot of people felt that way.” A few days ago Todd wrote me concerning “a new Chevy campaign that shows a dad (played by Howie Long) caving in to a bratty girl.” 
The ad is getting a very hostile reception for various reasons–to watch the ad and read the comments, click here. What do readers think of the ad and the public reaction?

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