A False Accusation of Abuse Against a Father on NBC’s ER

Los Angeles, CA–We certainly want TV dramas to tell stories of false abuse allegations, but I’m not sure if this one was helpful or not. John, a reader, writes:

Glenn, I doubt you watch the NBC show ER (pictured), but the show does cover political or controversial themes at times. A recent  show was interesting.
There was a guy who we are meant to think was falsely accused of child abuse and treated as if he were guilty anyway. He goes on about having his house burnt down and so on. Then in the hospital a doctor sees him helping a child and pushes him away (while another man beats him) and nearly kills him. Towards the end of the show, a doctor breaks down and in a very teary scene cries and tells a story about how they seem so nice then pounce. By the end of the show, you are clearly meant to believe the man is guilty. I’m not sure what kind of message this is trying to send. Once you get accused of a crime like this, you are guilty anyway and you deserve to be beaten to death just in case?

Anybody who saw this episode or follows the show have some thoughts?

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