50/50 Custody — Shared Parenting, In The Best Interests of Children

February 1, 2014 by Michelle Glogovac, Member, Executive Committee, National Parents Organization of California

Family law and the family law court system is a topic that affects most people in some way or another. With the staggering statistics on marriage failures, you or someone close to you has most likely had to deal with the family court system. The fact is that reform is needed but it won’t be accomplished unless people start speaking up. It can feel like you’ve been defeated when you exit a family law courtroom and have no motivation left to fight further for your rights or for the rights of millions of others.

Let’s set aside any parent who isn’t an active part of their child’s life, doesn’t support them, is considered a “deadbeat”, etc. I want to focus on the parents who are both good people, love their children and put their interests first. The question I have is why would it be decided upon entering a courtroom that custody should be anything less than 50/50 when you are dealing with two complete equals? Is it not in the best interest of a child to spend equal amounts of time with both their mother and father? The fact is that if 50/50 is not awarded upfront, then it sets the status quo down the road and in order to change that, it’ll take time, money and most likely another fight in court.

 National Parents Organization of California is working hard to bring this to light within our government. People need to speak up and contact their Assembly members. Whether you’re a male or female, mother or father, stepparent, or someone who has experienced family court, then it’s time for you to make your voice heard. Change can be a difficult task and a long road to follow, but I promise you, it’s worth it in the end.

Please contact your assembly member or contact me on how you can help. Reform and equality must be brought to the courtroom so that our children can enjoy the benefits of being raised by both of their parents.

Here is a sample e-mail you might send:

National Parents Organization seeks better lives for children through family court reform that establishes- shared parenting – equal rights and responsibilities for fathers and mothers.

Shared parenting is a solution that prominent and respected experts in child development have shown through research that children ardently desire; makes them happier; improves their schooling; decreases delinquency, gang violence and trouble with the law; decreases substance abuse and teen pregnancy; increases child support compliance; and diminishes parental conflict and domestic violence.

Children want both parents. Professor of Women’s Studies Linda Nielsen of Wake Forest University reports seventeen studies showing that children of divorce want shared parenting. No studies show the opposite. Shared parenting after divorce is best for children. Decades of social science research clearly establish, except in rare cases, children do best if both parents share in the day-to-day responsibilities of rearing the children after separation or divorce. Shared parenting is the only measure that reliably increases child support compliance. Researcher Sanford Braver of Arizona State University found that when shared parenting is awarded, child support compliance increased to 97%.

I am looking forward to long overdue changes in our family court system by making the presumption of shared parenting the norm for every child in our state.

Preserving the Bond between Parents and Children,

In addition to your name, let them know your voting district

National Parents Organization is a Shared Parenting Organization

National Parents Organization is a non-profit that educates the public, families, educators, and legislators about the importance of shared parenting and how it can reduce conflict in children, parents, and extended families. Along with Shared Parenting we advocate for fair Child Support and Alimony Legislation. Want to get involved?  Here’s how:

Together, we can drive home the family, child development, social and national benefits of shared parenting, and fair child support and alimony. Thank you for your activism.


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