2010—A Year of Stunning Success for Fathers and Families

Fathers and Families”  2010 Legislative Achievements Include:

  • Passing 7 Family Court Reform Bills Nationwide, Including Child Custody, Child Support, and Alimony Reform
  • Helping Lower Interest on Overdue Child Support in Massachusetts
  • Helping Block Passage of Ohio Bill Which Would Have Significantly Raised Child Support Obligations
  • Helping Defeat 2 CA Bills Which Would Have Made It More Difficult for Target Parents of Parental Alienation to Protect Their Relationships with Their Kids
  • Helping Defeat Massachusetts Bill Which Would Have Marginalized Noncustodial Parents in Their Kids” Healthcare Decisions

This successful legislative representation costs money–please give to help fund our work! Together with you in the love of our children, Glenn Sacks, MA Executive Director, Fathers and Families Ned Holstein, M.D., M.S. Founder, Chairman of the Board, Fathers and Families

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