2 of Mass.’ Top 10 ‘Deadbeats’ Arrested–What’s Wrong with This Picture?

From 2 of Mass. child support”s “10 Most Wanted” found (Boston Herald, 3/3/09):

BOSTON — Authorities have arrested two men at the top of Massachusetts”s “Ten Most Wanted” list for failure to pay child support. The Department of Revenue says Christopher Lagos, a Plymouth construction worker who allegedly owes more than $196,000 in child support payments, was arrested in Venice, Fla., on a criminal warrant for non-support. Lagos waived extradition and will be returned to Massachusetts within the next ten days.
Officials also said that Eric Grenier, a Methuen construction worker accused of failing to pay $188,733, was identified by New Hampshire officials following an assault conviction.

Two construction workers whose child support arrearages combine to almost $400,000–doesn’t anybody think that’s a little strange? Oops–we’re talking about “deadbeat” dads here–no questions allowed. Write the Boston Herald a Letter to the Editor here or comment on the story directly by clicking here. The “Wanted” poster for all the “deadbeats” is above–one educated guy and nine blue collar workers. This isn’t typical of most of these lists–usually all 10 are blue collar workers.

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